Satellite VAS@Summerhall,  26th May – 13th July 2018

An installation the exploring the body in terms of  “site” through text and sound looking at the juxtaposition of city and country living. By creating a sensory experience of discomfort within the body from internal and external factors within the gallery space viewers will be encouraged to think of how their daily physical environment impacts their health and self-perception. Live objects create real time friction the corrugated sheet bumping up and down against the inner tube.


Friction :

This is representative of that time when I had cystitis and it was really itchy and my hand and urethra kept bashing together again and again making it raw.

Friction caused: with clothing, sleeping, sex and working.

Health and safety checks :

Does this get into lungs the microscopic bits of rubber and metal?

I live on Dumbarton Road which is one of the most polluted in Scotland so does it really matter…

Coz there will be a lot of shit in my lungs anyway?

Maybe that’s why I had cystitis :( ?


Site :

Steel and rubber create a sensory experience placing pressure on each other and our bodies, feelings of discomfort are created by internal and external factors of the environment.

How does our daily physical environment impact our health and self-preception?

1. The perception of whom our bodies belong to and the societal pressure of how they must preform.

2. The pressures created by our environment, pollution, expectations , and how this can impact the body causing discomfort and affecting daily life.