RSA New Contempoaries RSA 2018,National Gallery Edinburgh, 24th March -18th April,2018

Can Fish Squat? Questions the ownership and profit made from natural communal resources, focusing on the River Tay, the longest river in Scotland with a catchment area of 2000 square miles. The collection and storage of water from the Tay is representative of the industrial sale of land resources. The cyclical motion of the river water being pumped is an industrial fabrication of the natural water cycle emitting sounds that are reminiscent of factory labour.
Contact Mic- recording vibrations of pump from inside water container.
Gun Mic - recording the live movement of water from inside the pipe into the container.


ADVERSE POSSESSION is a situation when a person who does not have legal title to land occupies the land – Can fish squat?

// Removes and displaces a section of water //

// Who is the legal owner of the Tay – if the water is ever flowing and changing locations the water that travels from Ben Lui to
the North Sea identified as the water that is owned
OR is the space and section in which the water resides that part that is owned?//

Is the removal and displacement of the water theft?

Can I claim ownership if I spit in the water

or do I own it if I place it on my premises

or can I simply impose myself as the owner?

Who has the authority if the land is associated with multiple groups but only one gains control over the ownership?

Can I profit or is that exploitation of the land?